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Decorate Your Special Day With Our Letter Lights for Weddings

When decorating your special day, our letter lights for weddings can add tremendous character to your venue.


We have a range of options to accommodate the aesthetic you have in mind, whether you need lights inside or outside.


Choose Zeus Letter Lights and brighten your special day with our beautiful lights.


Things to Remember if You Want to Use Our Proposal Lights

While our proposal lights are straightforward to use, you should never forget some aspects when you start your planning. Here are our top tips to help you get the most value from our lights on your proposal day: ​

  • Always remember to plan for the weather. We understand that your mind is already all over the place with the excitement to pop the question. Just keep in mind that windy or rainy weather will dampen your day if you have planned to propose outside.

  • Remember to book the lights you need in advance. While we would love to accommodate all our clients, talking to us in advance and making sure that you book the lights goes a long way to keeping your perfect day on schedule and without interruption.

  • Do not hesitate to ask us questions about the lights. You might have something out of the ordinary planned, and we would love to help you. Talk to our team if you have questions to gain certainty regarding our ability to assist with your requirements.


Ideas for Using Our Wedding Letter Lights at Your Venue

If you are considering our wedding letter lights, but you want some help with using them, we have some tips. Here are a few ways you can use these lights at your venue during your special day: ​


  • Use it to welcome your guests. You can use our lights to guide your guests into your wedding venue, whether for the ceremony or the reception.A friendly welcome message can add a beautiful touch to your day and make it even more memorable for your guests.

  • Use it to display your new family name at the reception. You can wow your guests and add personal flair to your reception venue with letter lights that showcase the new family name.

  • You can use them as proposal lights. Our letter lights can add the finishing touches to the scene if you need an impressive way to ask the big question. These lights will work well indoors or outdoors so that they won’t limit your options for a proposal spot.


About Our Team and Love for Wedding Letter Lights

At Zeus Letter Lights, we want to do more than provide beautiful lights to our clients.


We want to help the human spirit connect, one person, one light, and one neighbourhood at a time.


Since 2019, we have provided lovely lights for those unforgettable experiences.


Call us today and let our team help you brighten your memorable days.



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