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Rental Agreement


When you intend to engage or have already agreed to utilise our services or rent our equipment, these terms and conditions become applicable. We strongly advise that you carefully review these terms, as they will become binding upon your acceptance of our services.

We agree to rent the Equipment to You, and You agree to rent the Equipment from Us on the terms set out in this Agreement. 
1.2. Any written communication received by You to Us, whether it be submission of Our online forms, payment of any deposits or bonds, or written confirmation of proceeding to continue with Our services, whichever occurs earlier, shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.
1.3. Any signature or acceptance (including any electronic symbol or process attached to, or associated with, a contract or other record and adopted by a Person with the intent to sign, authenticate or accept such contract or record) hereto or to any other certificate, agreement or document related to this transaction, and any contract formation or record-keeping through electronic means shall have the same legal validity and enforceability as a manually executed signature or use of a paper-based record-keeping system to the fullest extent permitted by the Electronic Transactions Act 2000, and the parties hereby waive any objection to the contrary.

2.1. The Equipment is Our property. You are a bailee of the Equipment only and have no right to purchase or acquire any interest in it. You must not attempt to sell, hire, dispose, sublet, part with possession of, or encumber the Equipment in any way without Our prior written consent. You must not authorise or pledge credit or create any lien, mortgage, charge, security interest or encumbrance upon the Equipment.

3.1. You warrant to Us that:
3.1.1. All information which You have given to Us is correct and is not by content or omission misleading in any material respect. We are relying on the warranties given by You in this Agreement in entering into this Agreement.
3.1.2. Each person executing this Agreement on Your behalf declares in their own capacity on the date of execution that they have in full force and effect the authorisations necessary to execute this Agreement for and on behalf of You and bind You to this Agreement.
3.2. You acknowledge and agree that:
3.2.1. It is Your sole responsibility to examine the Equipment before going into Your possession and you accept the Equipment in the condition as is.
3.2.2. After taking possession of the Equipment, it will constitute that You are satisfied to its identity, condition, fitness for purpose and acceptable quality (collectively “quality”).
3.2.3. We are not liable for any damage, injury or loss to any person or property arising from the possession, operation, or use of the Equipment (other than as a result solely of Our own fraud, gross negligence, or wilful misconduct) and You agree to keep Us indemnified in respect thereof.
3.2.4. We shall not in any event be liable for contingent, consequential, indirect, special, and punitive or any other similar damages, howsoever cause, for any damage, injury, or loss, whether arising under breach of this Agreement, negligence (commission, omission, or advice), and strict liability or otherwise. All warranties by Us to You are excluded, to the full extent permitted by law. The Liability of Us resulting from a breach of any warranty unable to be excluded by law is strictly limited to the resupply of the Equipment to You or the repair of the Equipment supplied to You.

4.1. the Equipment shall be made available for collection at the location specified by Us, commencing at 12:00 PM (Sydney, NSW Time zone), unless otherwise mutually agreed upon and confirmed in writing by Us.
4.2. All Equipment rented from Us must be returned by 10:00 AM the following day or twenty-tw
o (22) hours from the time of taking possession or in accordance with these terms, whichever transpires earlier. Any extension of this period must be expressly approved by Us in writing.
4.3. It is the Your responsibility to provide sufficient and safe transportation of the Equipment which includes but not limited to ensuring the Equipment can fit in the vehicle prior to the allocated pick-up time and ensuring You have sufficient protection for the interior and the exterior of Your vehicle and Our Equipment.
4.4. We are not responsible for any damages that occur to Your vehicle, property, or any third-party property caused by the Equipment during the rental period. Upon taking possession of the Equipment, You assume full responsibility for its safe and proper use. Any damages, accidents, or incidents that occur during the rental period are Your sole responsibility, and You agree to hold us harmless from any liability or claims arising from such incidents

4.5. It is in Our own discretion should We wish to refuse to release the Equipment to You if We deem it is unsafe for transportation.
4.6. You acknowledge and agree that, regardless of whether You have nominated different persons to pick up or collect the Equipment from Us, You will be solely liable for all obligations and responsibilities as set forth in this agreement. The actions and conduct of any nominee or third party designated by You to collect the Equipment shall be considered as if performed by You, and You shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement in their entirety.
5.1. If mutually agreed, we will provide delivery services to you in accordance with the conditions specified in the booking confirmation, contingent upon your adherence to these Terms.
5.2. We may, at our discretion, utilise third-party courier services for the delivery and pickup of the Equipment. You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable for any actions or omissions of these third-party couriers.
5.3. The use of third-party courier services for the Equipment delivery and pickup is subject to their terms and conditions. Any claims or disputes arising from the actions or performance of third-party couriers shall be directed to them, and we shall not be responsible for such matters.
5.4. You are fully responsible for the Equipment upon its delivery to your specified address. Once the Equipment has been unloaded from the delivery vehicle and positioned at the designated property, you explicitly acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility, as outlined in the terms of this agreement.
5.5. If you choose to arrange, rearrange, or set up the Equipment after we have delivered it to you, such actions are solely at your discretion, and we disclaim all responsibility for any damages or faults resulting from incorrect installation or any harm to persons or property.
5.6. While we will make every effort to ensure the safe and timely delivery and pickup of Equipment using third-party couriers, we do not guarantee their performance or availability. Any delays, damages, or issues related to third-party courier services are beyond our control, and we shall not be held responsible.
5.7. It is your responsibility to inform the property owner, venue staff, and any relevant personnel that the Equipment is being delivered and stored on Their/Your premises. Additionally, you must ensure that;
5.7.1. The delivery personnel should have unrestricted access both inside and outside the building to provide You with the Equipment and Pickup the Equipment.
5.7.2. You or an authorised representative, should you choose to designate one, must be present at the venue when our couriers arrive. Failure to comply with this clause will result in termination of the agreement.
5.7.3. Failure to inform relevant parties and grant our couriers unrestricted venue access may result in termination of this agreement. We may, at our discretion, opt to return the Equipment to our warehouse without prior notice. If you desire to continue renting the Equipment after it has been returned to our warehouse per clause 5.7.3, we reserve the right to assess an additional delivery fee for any re-delivery and Equipment pickup at our discretion.
5.8. Upon booking, we will provide you with a set delivery charge based on the information available at that time. This charge is subject to change due to various factors, including distance, location, and operational costs.
5.9. In the event that the delivery charges need to be adjusted, we will notify you in writing at least twenty-four (24
) hours prior to your scheduled booking. You will have the following options;
5.9.1. Accept the proposed changes and continue with the booking, acknowledging the updated delivery charges.
5.9.2. Opt for the self-service pickup and return option as per clause 4 of this agreement.
5.9.3. Terminate the agreement without incurring any penalties. If you choose to terminate, any pre-paid fees for the booking will be refunded in full.
5.10. You are responsible for ensuring that you or an authorised representative nominated on Your booking is present at the specified delivery address not only during your designated delivery time but also one hour prior to and one hour after the scheduled time, whether we arrive earlier, on time, or encounter delays.
5.11. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to initiate a 15-minute timer upon our arrival to allow you sufficient time to reach the location. If you or an authorised representative is not present at the location when we arrive, the entire order will be forfeited, and you will be responsible for paying the full amount.
5.12. You understand and consent to providing parking within a 20-meter distance from the location to accommodate our delivery or third-party couriers. You also acknowledge that you will be responsible for covering any parking fees or fines incurred during the delivery or pickup process.
5.13. If a pickup or delivery cannot be completed due to factors such as restricted property access, equipment unavailability, hazards, or unsafe conditions, the Bond and any other submitted funds will be considered forfeited.

6.1. To operate the Equipment effectively, you are responsible for providing a suitable power source or extension cables. We may offer the option to rent extension cords, which must be returned along with the other Equipment.
6.2. You are solely accountable for maintaining the Equipment in a safe environment, protected from adverse weather conditions and mishandling. Ensure that the items are placed on a stable, flat surface and are not stacked on other items such as tables or chairs.
6.3. All Equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was provided.
6.4. We reserve the right to assess whether the setup of the Equipment poses any risks to our property or individuals. In cases of inclement weather or unsafe site conditions, alternative arrangements may be suggested and implemented by us, subject to available time and materials.
6.5. The Equipment must remain at the event property as agreed upon between us and you. Written confirmation from us is required if you intend to relocate the Equipment beyond the agreed-upon location.
6.6. You are responsible for maintaining adequate public liability and property insurance to cover any loss, theft, destruction, confiscation, or damage to our Equipment. We are not liable for any damages to persons or property caused by our Equipment.
6.7. You must take necessary safety precautions when taking possession of our Equipment and comply with relevant Occupational Health and Safety Acts in New South Wales. Any damage to the Equipment resulting from electrical equipment fusion or malfunction is your responsibility, and you must exercise proper precautions.
6.8. It is your responsibility to protect the Equipment from adverse weather conditions. The Equipment should not be used outdoors in windy, rainy, stormy, or any hot conditions exceeding 35 degrees celsius.

7.1. Your obligation to pay for the use of Our Equipment and any associated costs and fees under this Agreement is absolute and unconditional and without limitation. Your payment obligations are not subject to or affected or reduced by any set off, counterclaim or deduction whatsoever.
7.2. You agree and accept that the Full Order cost owed to Us by You will be visible in Our nominated bank account 5 business date before Your requested event date. If there is an outstanding balance due at the time of You collecting Our Equipment, it will constitute as automatic cancellation of the booking by You.
7.2.1. Any payments made will not be considered until We have visibility to the respective amounts in Our bank accounts or on hand.
7.2.2. If there are any balances due at the time of You collecting Our Equipment, You may choose to pay the remaining balance in cash.
7.3. You agree and acknowledge that additional noted clauses associated with monies, fees, and charges related to this Agreement may be incurred in addition to your booking, in accordance with the terms outlined in this agreement.
7.3.1. Late Self Pickup & Return: In the event You have missed You’re designated pickup timeframe, Your bond and any monies provided to Us to secure the booking becomes forfeited. A minimum charge of $50.00 per booking is charged to You by Us In the event You have missed You’re designated return timeframe. We reserve the right to dispatch a third-party courier to collect the Equipment from the location, meaning Your bond will be forfeited and a delivery fee will be charged to You. 
7.3.2. Cancellation Fees: A minimum charge of $150.00 per booking is charged to You by Us should Your booking be cancelled. We, in Our own discretion, may choose to enforce or waive the cancellation policy and any fees and charges associated with the cancellation. Cancel after the deposit is paid to us: The Deposit becomes forfeited. Cancel within
 fifteen (15) business days or less prior to Your respective event: The Full Order becomes forfeited, due, and payable.
7.3.3. Replacement Fees: A minimum charge of $1,500.00 per piece of Equipment is charged to You by Us should Our Equipment become damaged, stolen, or misplaced whilst it is in Your possession. If the item is not in Our possession within the specified time frame, it will be considered as Stolen in which We will then proceed with Our legal obligations.  
7.3.4. Bond & Deposit: A minimum charge of $100.00 per booking for the Bond is charged to You by Us as a debt security charge. Our intent is to return this payment to You within five (5) to ten (10) business days after we take repossession of the Equipment and an inspection if performed on each piece of Equipment. The bond will be refunded assuming all obligations by You have been met as per the terms set out in the Agreement. An additional $50.00 Deposit will be charged to You by Us to secure the Order which is non-refundable. 
7.3.5. Delivery Fees: Subject to availability and working in conjunction with clause 5, if You have opted in for the 3rd Party Delivery & Return method, an additional 3rd party courier fee will be charged, and additional charges may arise as per clauses 5.6 and 5.7. A minimum charge of $135.00 per booking is charged to You by Us for any third-party courier costs for the delivery of the Equipment during Our standard working hours.
7.3.6. Breach of Agreement Fees: A minimum charge of $150.00 per booking is charged to You by Us should You breach any of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. 
7.3.7. Legal Fees and/or Repossessing Fees and/or Attempting to Repossess: You must pay to Us all reasonable costs and expenses, including reasonable costs associated with repossessing or attempting to repossesses the equipment from Your care and/or any legal costs (excluding any costs and expenses caused directly by Our fraud, gross negligence, or wilful misconduct), which We reasonably incur in exercising any of Our rights under this Agreement, including any amounts which We pay to release any lien claimed by anyone over the Equipment or to remedy any breach of Your obligations under this Agreement.

8.1. This clause is in relation to any applicable backdrop placements for our Neon Signs.
8.1.1. If the hired neon sign is intended to be placed or mounted on a backdrop, You are responsible for ensuring that the backdrop is suitably sturdy and stable.
8.1.2. The backdrop must be equipped with secure hook points or other adequate fixtures to which the neon sign's wiring or attachments can be safely fastened.
8.1.3. It is Your responsibility to provide or ensure the availability of these hook points or fixtures on the back
drop. We will not be responsible for providing any additional mounting fixtures unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
8.1.4. Failure to provide an appropriate backdrop with the necessary hook points or fixtures may result in inability to safely mount the neon sign. In such cases, We shall not be held responsible for any related issues or additional costs.
8.2. You are urged to handle and display the neon signs with care, ensuring that they are mounted securely and in line with any guidance provided by Us. Any damages or breakages during the hire period may result in additional charges.

9.1. You shall permit Us to inspect all equipment within seven (7) business days after We take repossession. In the event a piece of Equipment is believed to be inadequate, damaged, or misused by You, then We may engage the opinion of a neutral 3rd party to determine the adequacy of the equipment. Decisions made by Us shall be final. 
9.2. After the equipment is returned to our possession, the bond will be returned to you, with the condition that you hold the bond on our behalf for a period of seven (7) business days. If, during our inspection as outlined in clause 9.1, we find that the goods are in violation of this agreement, you must refund the bond to us. In such a case, you will also be liable for the full order amount and any additional charges in accordance with the terms specified within this agreement.

10.1. A default event occurs if:
10.1.1. You fail to comply, obey, or You commit any Breach of this Agreement;
10.1.2. You fail to pay any payment or monies in whole or in part on the due date, whether or not formal demand has been made by Us;
10.1.3. The Equipment is lost, destroyed, or We form the reasonable opinion that the exterior, interior and/or electrical wiring to the Equipment has been damaged. 
10.1.4. You commit any Breach of this Agreement which materially increases the risk to Us that You will not: (i) observe any obligation to pay any monetary amount to Us under this Agreement when due; or (ii) return the Equipment to Us in the condition and when required by this Agreement.
10.1.5. You become insolvent or makes an assignment of rights or property for the benefit of creditors or files for or has bankruptcy proceedings instituted against it under the bankruptcy law of Australia or another competent jurisdiction.

11.1. If a default event occurs, any monies paid to Us become forfeited and We will be entitled to:
11.1.1. Attempt to take possession of the Equipment. You hereby waive and grant Us all rights, licenses, and permits necessary to enter their property, if required, in order to repossess or attempt to repossess Our equipment in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement. You acknowledge and agree that We shall not be liable for any damage to property other than the equipment owned by Us, even if the equipment is attached to or located on the said property.
11.1.2. Take possession of the Equipment, without demand or notice, without any court order or other process of law. You agree and acknowledge to waive Your rights upon entering into this Agreement and that all damage arising by such taking of possession.
11.1.3. Charge You additional monies or fees in accordance with clause 7.3.

12.1. No delay or granting of time by Us or other obligations will affect Our rights to enforce Your obligations or exercise any right under this Agreement.
12.2. No waiver by Us of Our rights will be implied from anything done or omitted by Us. Any express waiver by Us of any right will not be deemed to extend to any continuing or recurring default by You of Your obligations.
12.3. Every provision of this Agreement is independent of every other provision. Any provision which is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction is, to the extent of the prohibition or unenforceability, deemed removed without invalidating, so far as possible, the remaining provisions.
12.4. We retain the rights to refuse You service to Our discretion.
12.5. We have the right to alert, change, and/or inform You if the required location, dates, times, Equipment, or Delivery request changes based on availability or other factors. We will try out absolute best to try and secure a reasonable alternative.
12.6. If any cancellations to the booking was due to negligence by Us, all monies provided to You will be refunded in full if You have not taken possession of the Equipment.
12.7. If any changes or cancellations to the booking was due to negligence by You, all monies provided to You may be forfeited term clause 7.3 and other applicable terms set out in this agreement.
12.8. We will try Our absolute best to inform You of any upcoming bookings via a text message. However, in the even You do not receive a text message within two (2) days prior to their event, it is in Your own reasonability to confirm with Us.
12.9. Identification Documents are required to be collected and stored in accordance to state legislative requirements pertaining to the rental of Our Equipment in New South Wales (NSW). For more information on why/how We collect and store Your information, refer to Our Privacy Policy.
12.10. None of Our agents, contractors, or representatives are authorised to make any representations, statements, conditions, or agreements not expressed by the Owner of Zeus Letter Lights in writing nor are We bound by any such unauthorised statements. All representations, statements, conditions, or agreements must be executed in accordance with Our legal structure.
12.11. These terms supersede all previous agreements, discussions, and representations between Us and You and constitute the entire agreement in relation to the agreement for provision of Our Equipment between Us and You.
12.12. If any clause or part thereof of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or not enforceable in accordance with its terms, all other terms, or parts thereof which are self‐sustained and capable of separate enforcement without regard to the invalid or unenforceable clause or part thereof is and will continue to be valid and enforceable in accordance with its term.
12.13. Information in connection with Your Agreement, including any application by You, request forms and any other details You provide to Us, may be maintained by Us. You will be able to access this information only by requesting it from Us. You may notify Us at any time to remove details regarding You and/or this Agreement from Us only once Your Agreement has been terminated in Full.
12.14. You acknowledge that, due to the nature of the internet, We cannot and do not guarantee the security of information contained on the Website or transmitted to You by email or other electronic means. However, We employ Our reasonable endeavours to safeguard the security of information regarding You and this Agreement on the Website.
12.15. We take no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by You which arises from the inclusion of information regarding this Agreement on the Website, nor, for or in respect of, any claim, demand, action or suit that is made or brought against Us in respect of any loss or damage to any reputation, property or any other loss or damage whatsoever arising out of, or as a consequence of any act or omission (whether or not negligent or unlawful) by Us, Our employees, agents or contractors in storing Your information on the internet, or transmitting such information by means via the internet.
12.16. We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any time without prior notice. The most current version of the Terms will be available on our website. Your continued use of our Services following any changes to the Terms constitutes your acceptance of such changes.


13.1. You agree to indemnify and hold Us harmless, Our officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, and legal fees arising out of or related to:
13.1.1. Any injury to persons or damage to property caused by the use, operation, or possession of the equipment provided by Us, whether such injury or damage is due to the negligence, misuse, or any other act or omission by You, Your employees, agents, or any third party.
13.1.2. Any breach of this Agreement by You, including but not limited to failure to return equipment in the condition it was provided, failure to make payment in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, or violation of any applicable laws or regulations.
13.2. We shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, including but not limited to lost profits or revenue, arising out of or in connection with the use, operation, or possession of the equipment, even if We have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
13.3. The total liability of Us under this Agreement, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, shall not exceed the total rental fees paid by You to Us for the specific equipment that gave rise to the claim.
13.4. This indemnification and liability clause shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement and shall be binding upon the Customer, its successors, and assigns.

This Agreement is governed by the law of the State of New South Wales and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court system of that State.

In this Agreement:
 We’ or ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ or ‘Owner’ means Jalal Hanna ABN: 14 938 226 210 trading as Zeus Letter Lights and any principal on whose behalf Zeus Letter Lights may   enter into the Agreement as agent and includes their respective successors and assigns.
 ‘You’ or ‘Your’ means the person/s entering into the Agreement with Us.
 ‘Agreement’ or ‘Rental Agreement’ means this Agreement between You and Us and the Terms and Conditions herein.
 ‘Rental’ means Our personal property rented to You.
 ‘Terms’ means the Terms and Conditions contained herein.
 ‘Commencement Date’ means the date in which You signed or accepted to Rent Our Equipment.
 ‘Event’ or ‘Booking’ means the confirmation from Us to You to rent Our Equipment.
 ‘Full Order’ means the total costs associated with the booking (The full quoted amount, any deposits paid, and the bond). 
 'Location’ means the address or venue where Our Equipment will be kept at.
 ‘Default Event’ means any of the events described in clause 9.
 ‘Equipment’ means the items and accessories provided to You by Us as identified as such in this Agreement or in the Booking.
 ‘Accessories’ means including but not limited to attachments such as cables, extension cables, bulbs, flooring items, covers, matts. Anything provided to You by Us   for the use of Our Equipment.
 'Breach’ means any breach of any Terms set out in this Agreement.
 ‘Insurance’ means any insurance coverage that is required to be entered into by You under clause 6.6.
 ‘Minimum’ means the minimum amount payable by You to Us as a result of any costs incurred as a result of a Default Event.
15.2. In the interpretation of this Agreement:
15.2.1. The singular includes the plural and vice versa, any gender includes the other genders, and a person includes an individual, a body corporate, an unincorporated association, a government or any other body or entity;
15.2.2. A reference to either party includes that party’s successors, legal personal representatives and permitted assigns;
15.2.3. Any appointment, agreement, warranty, representation, obligation or right which binds or benefits two or more persons under this Agreement binds or benefits those persons jointly and severally;
15.2.4. A reference to a clause is a reference to a clause of these terms and conditions;
15.2.5. Words or definitions used in this Agreement are to be read and interpreted in accordance with that definition in these terms and conditions unless a contrary intention applies;
15.2.6. Headings are inserted for convenience only and do not affect interpretation; and
15.2.7. $ or dollar refers to Australian currency.


This statement sets out how Jalal Hanna trading as Zeus Letter Lights (ABN 14 938 226 210) (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) may use Your personal information, whether collected from You or from any other source, and what personal information We may obtain about You with or without Your agreement. Please read this document carefully.

Your privacy is important to Us. We comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) and the credit provider provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (together the “Privacy Act”).

By signing this Agreement or acceptance of the rental of Our Equipment, You undertake to provide a copy of this statement to each principal, company officer, partner, or any other person that You represent or purport to represent.

References to “You” in this statement mean the applicant for Our services (which includes any form of leasing or advancing of money on an unsecured or secured basis (“applicant”), a guarantor, a prospective guarantor and, if the applicant is a company, any director or other officer of that company.

You may choose not to give Us personal information. However, without this information, We may not be able to process the request for the renting of Our Equipment and/or provide You with an appropriate level of service.

You may request access to any personal information We hold about You. You may also request that We disclose the identity of any person to whom We have disclosed Your personal information. We will process each request You make in accordance with the APPs. We will not charge You a fee for complying with any such request. However, We may charge You for reasonable out of pocket expenses (e.g. photocopying costs) and other expenses We incur in providing You any information You have requested. Where permitted or required by law, We may refuse to provide You access to certain information in some cases. If We refuse to give You access to any information, We will provide You with the reason for Our refusal.

If You request Us to do so, We will take reasonable steps to amend any personal information about You held by Us which We agree is inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated. If We disagree with You about the accuracy, completeness, or currency of a record of Your personal information held by Us, We will take reasonable steps to note with that record a statement to the effect that You claim this to be the case, if You request Us to do so.

We collect and use Your information for the following purposes:
•    To carry out Our intended works and services;
•    To detect and prevent instances of fraud, unlawful conduct, and other risks in relation to You or Our products and services;
•    Developing an understanding of the products and services You may be interested in receiving from Us and Our related entities;
•    Marketing products and services provided by Us and Our related entities (You can opt out of receiving this information – see below “Opting out of product marketing”).
•    To comply with applicable law.

We may disclose Your personal information, for the purposes above, to third parties.

You warrant and acknowledge that where You have provided Us with personal information in relation to any third party who is an individual, that You have obtained their consent to provide their personal information based on this Privacy Consent.

From time to time, it may be necessary for Us to revise Our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change Our privacy policy at any time for any reason. We may notify You of the changes of Our privacy policy by posting an update on Our website.

You may opt out of receiving product marketing and promotional material at any time by contacting Us at the details below. If You do advise Us that You wish to opt out, We will only continue to provide You with information relating to the existing products, services and facilities provided by Us to You.


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